Chairman's Message

We can only send our sincere gratitude and appreciation to our Palestinian brothers and sisters here and in the diaspora who are taking an honorable stand in facing this global epidemic that reminded us that we are all connected like never before. By prayer and petition; we ask god to let us go through this crisis and help us until it shall pass.

You are well aware of how many people got affected because of this crisis; people here in Palestine and in refugee camps and in the rest of the diaspora. They all are facing an existential danger of the coronavirus’s wide spread. It is a disaster that wreaking an economic havoc and destruction, and it is a two headed monster that kills people on one side the other side the Palestinian and the global economy. Our reputation precedes us; we are a resilient and a steadfast country, we have overcome several catastrophes, thus we can and we will overcome this crisis. Notwithstanding; this is will not be achieved unless we have your full support and cooperation to work together in the face of the health, social and economic implications that this unprecedented crisis has caused.

Those implications affect all of us; they are not limited to an individual or to a group of people or to a specific public or a private entity. Thus; we are called upon ourselves to take a one man stand and to be in the forefront in facing this issue and its consequences. With our joint work and our optimum sympathy and solidarity under a unified country; we will go this crisis with the lowest possible losses.

From this point; we at “Waqfet Ezz” fund; are confident and certain of the bestowal and the donation that the Palestinians- who are financially competent- can provide from private sector representatives, businessmen and businesswomen and other Palestinians in our homeland and in the diaspora. Such giving and bestowal will contribute in providing the necessities for a decent life for our brothers and sisters whom were mainly affected in these circumstances, and specifically the families who could barely provide their main needs before this pandemic, and other small and daily and seasonal workers that have done their utmost every single day just to provide what their families needed.

We are in urgent need to focus our endeavors and to empower both the individual and the institutional efforts to make the idea of this fund successful so it can achieve its objectives in supporting the health sector and supporting the families who were victims of this monster.

Therefore; on behalf of myself and all of you; I am thrilled to express my pride of this sector that is the backbone of all sectors and that is the leader that everyone rely on and especially in such times of need.

I have previously confirmed and assured that this fund which is administratively and financially independent; will dedicate and guarantee that your donations are being well disbursed. Such donations will go directly to the most needed families who were greatly affected of this epidemic, and those families will be selected with the utmost level of transparency in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Development that will continue its work in supporting the needed families - whom are registered in its records before this crisis - in which they are receiving periodic support according to their regulations.

This fund will also allocate a portion of its resources to support the health sector with medicines, devices and other materials they might need and this shall be achieved with the cooperation of the Ministry of Health and other institutions who are active in this area.

Me and my colleagues who have been honored by this national voluntary mission; are committed to all of you with the absolute transparency in managing and allocating this fund’s resources for the people who actually deserve them without being biased. To implement such objective; we have taken all the necessary precautions including contracting with an international auditor who is well-known for his competency and integrity. He has thankfully donated to check all the internal and the external financial movements of this fund without taking any charges.

The national capital has proved its loyalty and its belonging towards this country and its citizens in times of need with its valuable and in – kind contributions to empower the Palestinian resilience even in the darkest times. We are full of hope that our private sector here and in the diaspora will be worthy of it this time as well.

We appreciate your confidence and your contribution, and we ask God for nothing but to save all of you and your families and to keep you in good health for our beloved country.

This applies for the Prophet Mohammad Hadith – peace be upon him – Hadith: “The believers in their mutual kindness, compassion and sympathy are just like one body. When one of the limbs suffers, the whole body responds to it with wakefulness and fever".

May Allah help us in serving our country.